Everyday Creativity Lent

Day 5

Everyday what? 

Every year I, like many people, try and give something up for the period of lent. However, this year I wanted to challenge myself in a different way. So along with giving something up (this year it’s cereal – my breakfast and snack food of choice), I’ve decided to create something every single day which I’ll then be sharing on my Instagram account.

This will mainly take the form of visual art pieces and drawings, since I’m a visual thinkers and find work like this easiest and most relaxing to produce. However, I’m also planning on dedicating some days to writing.

Day 9


There’s three main reasons why I’ve chosen to produce something everyday:

  • I want to enhance my skills – I love drawing and illustration, but have never had any formal art training beyond my GCSEs and AS-Levels, and as it takes around 10,000 hours to master a skill, it’s the perfect opportunity to rack up those hours of practice. Also, by producing something everyday, I hope i’ll be more likely to experiment with different techniques and aesthetics.
  • It’s time to stop been such a perfectionist – Done is better than perfect. With visual art in particular, it is so easy to start a piece and never finish because it doesn’t feel good enough. By giving myself a 24 time limit every day there’s no opportunity to worry about whether something is perfect or not, I simply have to get in done.
  • Working out those creative muscles – It’s very easy to get in a routine of doing similar activities at work everyday, then not finding time for creative projects. So by forcing myself to spend a bit of time creatively everyday, I hope to make a headway on creative projects that I’ve shelved and come up with lots of new ideas to shake off those mental cobwebs.
Day 16

How’s it going so far?

Producing something everyday was really challenging for the the first week or so. However, now I’ve begun to get into a habit of coming up with ideas and creating something regularly.

I’ve also noticed that through practice I’m not only improving my artistic ability, but my ability to come up with fresh ideas or developments on a theme, At the beginning, it was harder to com up with concepts and think how to lay them out, but as I’ve gone on I’m starting to develop faster ideas-generation techniques and find working within the restricted time period easier. I always find the time that I send creating relaxing, and look forward to been able to spend a period of my day producing something, and taking time to unwind on a daily basis can’t be a bad thing.

If you’re interested in seeing what I produce through the rest of my lent challenge, check out my Instagram profile.


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